Lovely Terrain Stamps Pack

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Mix and match with 160x 4k heightmaps to get the most out of your terrain. Use them as stamps or import them for a complete terrain utilizing the standard unity terrain.


| - 20x Beaches

| - 20x Dunes

| - 20x Cliffs

| - 20x Islands

| - 20x Miscellaneous

| - 60x Mountains

  • 160x 4k heightmaps for versatile creation of beautiful terrain
  • 160x Unity terrain brush presets already created
  • Import and use them right away as a brush on your terrain and give it the crispiness it needs to look good. Brush presets are already created for your convenience.

Use it for any project requiring a unity terrain, or use them in your modeling workflow. Beautiful details like erosion or weathered make a landscape more interesting, either from afar in first-person perspective, from an angled top-down perspective, or a widescreen view for rendering, the sky is the limit.

Over time this pack will be updated because we use it in our own projects and are happy to share it with you for a small amount of coffee (to keep going). In return, we will not upload any other version of this package. As our own projects grow, we will regularly upload updates of this lovely stamp pack.

**Please note, that this pack only includes the heightmaps and brush presets. Use your own or your favorite third-party assets (trees, textures) to make your environment lively**